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Welcome to our school.  I am very proud to be the Headteacher of John Mason School; it is an exciting place to be.

At the heart of our ethos is the belief that each child is an individual, with a unique set of talents and abilities.  Our job is to allow them the learning opportunities, encouragement and support through which to uncover these abilities, whether on the sports field, in science, music, arts or languages; everyone is good at something. 

We have a committed and enthusiastic set of teachers and support staff, who understand the need to build positive and trusting relationships that encourage children to take risks in their learning.  Only by taking these risks, trying new challenges and learning from our mistakes do we fulfil our potential.

I believe that high standards of academic achievement and consistently high expectations of behaviour provide children with the stable and calm environment in which to learn effectively.  I expect the best of our teachers; they must be passionate about their subjects and committed to continuing to learn themselves.  This is at the heart of our community; this is our way.

In addition, our school offers a broad and exciting range of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom with trips, visits and extra-curricular activities.  We operate a competitive House system and encourage children to be as involved as they can be in the life of the school.  This year all Year 10 students will take their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award as part of our tutorial programme, as we believe they will learn skills that will allow them to be confident and active members of society.

Every parent wants the very best for their child; at John Mason, we do too.


Mrs S Brinkley


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Heads Up! 10

25 / 11 / 2015
our first iDay ... decision to cancel our trip to Aachen ... Children first, always ... remember that we live in a world where the vast majority of people are kind, funny, loving and tolerant ...


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