Our ambition is for every child to access high quality learning experiences, which encourage them to be academically successful, happy, confident and enquiring young people.

Every child has the potential to make a difference in the world, to be ambitious in their career choices, and to understand their place in society. These aims, and our school values, underpin our curriculum design and the opportunities we offer both within and beyond our curriculum model.

The curriculum is carefully designed to be ambitious for all students at John Mason School. We believe that a curriculum should be coherent, well-sequenced and knowledge-rich. We want our curriculum to ensure that no student is denied access to powerful knowledge that can support them to be academically successful, happy, confident and enquiring young people.

Our curriculum is designed to be constantly evolving and to ensure it challenges students to attain academic success, alongside building the global awareness to develop into educated, empowered citizens.  When working on the curriculum we carefully consider “what might be missing” and what our curriculum might address. This means that we review the curriculum regularly to ensure we are always identifying and considering new topics, themes and skills that will support our students as they move into the world beyond school.

We are embarking on the exciting journey to improve the diversity and inclusivity of our curriculum. We believe it is important for students to feel part of what we learn and have a greater understanding of others around us.

Our curriculum offers a wide breadth of academic subjects, alongside the development of essential skills that help our students grow to become confident, independent individuals and excellent communicators.


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