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Abingdon and Witney College Update

Open Day - 21st June

Just a reminder that we have an Open Day on June 21st at both our Abingdon & Witney Campuses.  Students from any year group are welcome.  Below is a link to the events page of our website where people can pre-register (although it's fine to just turn up and register on the day).

Events - Abingdon & Witney College (

Equine Apprenticeships

We are now offering equine apprenticeships and I will be sending out some separate information shortly but if you have any enquiries in the meantime please let me know and I will put you in touch with someone from the apprenticeship team.

Oxford United Advanced Football Programme

If you know of any year 11 students who may be interested in applying for this course then we have trials coming up on 28th June.  More details are in the link below:-

Oxford United Advanced Football Programme - Abingdon & Witney College (

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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (including Work Experience)

What is work experience?

Work experience is an opportunity for students to spend time in an adult working environment, carry out tasks and duties more or less as an employee, but with the emphasis on learning about the world of work. Students can participate in most areas of employment; however some areas of work are restricted by law, safety, security or insurance restrictions. Other areas are restricted by availability of placements offered. Work experience is designed to offer a broad experience of the world of work and is not necessarily a way to determine a student’s future career choices.

Who participates in work experience?

All students should have the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement in Year 10 at John Mason School. Further work experience may be offered in sixth form. Students of vocational subjects may also participate in work experience to support their course.

If you have any queries re. Work Experience then please email

The Gatsby benchmark assesses schools' provision for CIAEG three times per year.  Our latest report is here: Gatsby Benchmark


For information on all aspects of offering a young person work experience please visit the Oxfordshire Work Experience website.

Ms Foster and Mr White are the teachers in charge of Careers Education and Information Advice and Guidance (IAG). The school also employs an independent careers advisor, Mr Terry Bianchini, who works for Adviza to give enhanced and impartial support. He also provides a weekly drop in at lunchtimes in the Inclusion Zone.

Terry can be contacted at:

Ms Foster and Mr White can be contacted at: and respectively.

If you have young people who are going into learning this September, please encourage them to self-report their learning destination at

If they are looking for apprenticeships, summer jobs etc do encourage them to sign up for Hot Jobs at, and don’t forget there is still time for young people aged 16-17 to sign up for the NCS at

Information and Opportunities Officer

Early Intervention Service
County Hall 3rd Floor

Useful sources of information for students and carers

John Mason School has purchased an online careers service called “New Kudos” delivered by Cascaid, which can be used by students both in lessons and at home. Students are introduced to the programme in Year 8 and it is used to support option choices in Year 9, along with post -16 choices. Licence code: (provided to students)

John Mason School has also purchased an online resource called eCLIPS. This resource has regularly updated information on over 1000 jobs and careers. It enables students to make well informed decisions about their future. - Login: JMason2017

Other useful websites available to students include:

An Oxford Council Apprenticeship scheme has been extended to include Abingdon and surrounding areas - follow this link; information provided by Oxfordshire County Council for young people aged 8-19. It includes an updated guide of volunteering, job opportunities and apprenticeship vacancies in Oxfordshire. comprehensive information on apprenticeships available in Oxfordshire. ”At the heart of connecting people to higher education”. Information on all aspects of higher education- no also including information on 16-18 choices. careers support for young people and their families.