Media Studies

Media Studies is a popular and engaging subject offered at both Key Stage 4 and 5.

Key Stage 4 Media Studies: WJEC

This GCSE Media Studies specification is based on the key concepts for exploring and creating media. The framework is based on four inter-related areas:

  • media language: how forms, codes and conventions create meanings
  • representation: how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups
  • media industries: production and distribution
  • audiences: how audiences respond to and interact with media products and processes.

Through this study, learners gain a good understanding of the foundations of the subject, enabling them to question and explore in a critical way aspects of the media that may seem familiar and straightforward from their existing experience. This exploration extends learners' engagement with the media to the less familiar, including products from different historical periods or those aimed at different audiences, providing rich and challenging opportunities for interpretation and analysis.

Assessment for this GCSE is made up of two exams, worth 30% each and coursework worth 40% 

Director of Media: Ms Chloe Phippen 
Contact details:

Teachers in the Faculty: Ms Sally Butler (Director of English) Ms Chloe Phippen (Deputy Director of English/Director of Media) Mrs Claire Williams, Mrs Erica Robinson, Mr Robert Reid, Miss Alex Talbot, Ms L Foster (Assistant Head Teacher).