Film and Media Studies

Film Studies is a popular and engaging subject offered at Key Stage 4 and A-Level Media Studies is offered at Key Stage 5
Key Stage 4 Film Studies: Eduqas

GCSE Film Studies is designed to introduce students to a variety of cinematic experiences through films which have been important in the development of film and technology. Learners will develop knowledge of US mainstream film by studying one film from the 1950s and one film from the later 1970s thus looking at two stages in Hollywood’s development. Additionally, learners will study more recent films: a US independent film as well as films from Europe, including the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Production is an important part of this course; studying a diverse range of films from several different contexts gives learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of how films are constructed to their own filmmaking and screenwriting.

Assessment for this GCSE is made up of two exams, worth 35% each and coursework worth 30% of the final qualification.



Director of Media: Ms Chloe Phippen 
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Teachers in the Faculty: Ms Sally Butler (Director of English) Ms Chloe Phippen (Deputy Director of English/Director of Media) Mrs Claire Williams, Mrs Erica Robinson, Mr Robert Reid, Miss Alex Talbot, Ms L Foster (Assistant Head Teacher).